The Italian Academy of Endodontics is a scientific society founded in 1992 by a group of practitioners of endodontic disciplines, Carlo Marin, Nicola Perrini, Gianfranco Vignoletti, Amedeo Zerbinati, with a strong will to express their passion for clinical activity and scientific research and eager to share and increase their knowledge and skills in the endodontic field and beyond in a friendly and informal spirit. What is universally recognized by all those attending our Academy is the willingness to support and the feeling of being welcome which makes the atmosphere perceived at AIE meetings and activities peculiar and unique.

Since its foundation the number of Active and Ordinary Members has significantly increased and the Academy of Endodontics has grown among the Scientific Societies for its reliability and intellectual independence, thus enhancing its prestige and its role in both national and international panorama by joining in important projects thanks to the commitment of its members. AIE has been part of the European Society of Endodontology (ESE) since 2013 and has participated in drafting the "position statement" on the rational use of antibiotics in Endodontics; since 2019 it has been accredited in the Ministry of Health and was one of the Scientific Societies called to produce and update the Clinical Recommendations in Dentistry; in 2017-2018 AIE participated in drafting the Intersocietal Consensus Document, result of the cooperation of Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons and Dentists (published in 2019 in two international magazines), aimed at outlining a rational and effective path in the treatment of patients who  are going to have cardiothoracic and cardiovascular surgery.


In recent years AIE has increased its activity thanks to the reorganization of its internal structure, offering a cultural proposal, both in presence and online, enhanced by the importance and the high quality of events, conferences, training sessions and meetings with the contribution of Italian and international speakers. The main goal of our Academy is to encourage all the participants to the training proposals to constantly improve their cultural and scientific knowledge in order to safeguard quality and safety of dental care. It aims in particular at including the endodontic discipline in a multidisciplinary context, not limited to dental but to all medical care, animated by an open-minded approach and cooperation with other scientific societies and their specialists.

The large offer of events and a rich cultural proposal have resulted in an increase in interest as well as in number of participants; AIE is addressed both to experienced colleagues, offering insights into specific issues, and above all to young ones who require basic training. Actually, one of the major focus of the Academy is to support young colleagues, as demonstrated by the various proposals organized for them: from VivEndo to the Riitano Award for the best graduation thesis, from the P. Pellegatta Scholarship to support a research project for a graduation thesis, to the “FuturAIE” session of the annual Congress.

In compliance with the ethical values ​​at the basis of its foundation and maintaining a high commitment, the Italian Academy of Endodontics keeps aiming to represent a great opportunity of growth in the profession, by enhancing the sharing of knowledge and experiences in a friendly and informal atmosphere and in a highly qualified context.